Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kristina and Jim

Kristina and Jim
Saturday, July 28th
South Berwick, Maine

About two hours before their wedding ceremony the skies opened up and unleashed a most amazing thunderstorm. Trees were bowing down to the ground and wind was whipping the torrential rain and soaking everything. Things did not look so good for this outdoor wedding ceremony. But the clouds cleared just in time to dry off the chairs and get this adorable couple married. There wasn't a dry eye in the audience as we witnessed their personal vows. Then it was time to celebrate! Kristina did an amazing job decorating the reception room -- I think she could go into business as a wedding consultant! I know that they are anxious to see the photos, so here's a little sneak peek.
Congratulations, Kristina and Jim!

Florist: Julie Floyd of Creative Gardens
Cake by: Susan Campbell

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Debbie said...

All I can do is cry. These pictures are so beautiful. When I came to the picture of Kristina and Bumpa I cried harder, what a great picture. Kristina and Jim, with these wedding pictures that you will have, what a wonderful way to remember how special that day was for the both of you. To Amy, your photographer, she did a outstanding job photographing this wonderful event. I just loved her. I will be anxious to see all the pictures, we are going to have a hard time choosing. Again, Kristina and Jim, your wedding was the most heart felt wedding I have ever been to, and I feel a lot of people felt the same way. I am just so blessed to not only have my daughter in my life but also now her husband Jim.
Love to both of you,