Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Signs of Spring

Finally there are some signs that this long, cold winter will actually come to an end. It has at times seemed interminable. Don't get me wrong, it remains cold out and there are still threats of snow in the forecast. But I have seen these definitive signs of spring:

1. The tips of tulip buds are poking out of the earth. Please don't get eaten by deer or other creatures this year!
2. The snow banks around my house are melting, and I can actually see grass and shrubs.
3. The air is full of bird songs and there are robins hopping all over the newly exposed yard.
4. The sump pump is running. It's not running non-stop like it will next month, but it has gone off a couple of times.
5. Album orders are coming in. Everyone is emerging from their dens, ready to finish their wedding orders before their first anniversaries.
6. LL Bean is marketing flip flops.
7. I receive mail almost daily from my accountant.
8. March Madness (sadly AU lost in the first round).
9. Easter Candy.
10. The ice is almost completely gone from the Scarborough Marsh (Black Point RD) and there are mallards swimming in it.

What signs of spring have your been seeing?

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