Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wedding Week

I start every morning with the, and this morning is no different only I can barely hold my head up. Today I'm recovering from a wonderful wedding up in Tenant's Harbor and the very harrowing drive home in the Hurricane Hannah rains. It was awful -- the drive, not the wedding, the wedding was amazing (more on that later). I think I left fingernail marks in the steering wheel from gripping it so tightly, and I'm pretty sure I held my breath most of the way home! But we had no rain for the outdoor wedding so I suppose the day worked out pretty well for everyone.

Anyway, I digress. For those of you who are planning a wedding, The Washington Post's Wedding Week is going on now. You will find a lot of information there that's not DC specific (and some that is) and some fun stories about wedding planning. I just read the piece about the "anti-wedding" and couldn't help but think they needed a professional photographer there to capture the moment!

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