Tuesday, September 11, 2007

See You Sunday!

I'll be volunteering my photography services on Sunday at the annual Paws in the Park event in Portland. As you may recall, I did this last year. Hopefully some of the great dogs currently up for adoption will be there for you to meet. Come say hello to me if you are there -- I'll be the tired (I have a wedding Saturday night) pregnant lady with the camera.

FYI the ARL's website hasn't been updated lately because the staff is now splitting their time caring for the over 200 animals seized in Buxton and their regular jobs at the shelter in Westbrook. I was at the ARL Monday for my weekly dog walking session, and there are a bunch of great dogs and cats and other critters. If you are looking for a friend stop in and see who's waiting for you (and give a treat to my buddy, Chance).

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