Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Engagement Session

When Cristy hired me for an engagement portrait session, I thought the greatest challenge was going to be designing the large, 11x14 sign in book she wanted. Then she added a wrinkle -- they would be dressed up for the shoot. Normally my couples dress down for their esessions. We go to the beach, climb on some rocks, get our feet wet. All I could think of in the days leading up to the shoot was what I was going to do with a couple in a cocktail dress and suit. After about two minutes with them I knew I had worried for nothing. I couldn't have asked for two more photogenic and easy going subjects. And check out Cristy's gorgeous shoes. Cobblestones and rocks didn't slow her down one bit. I had so much fun with Cristy and Justin that I'm really sad they are getting married in Miami and already have a photographer down there. Check out the slideshow and then tell me if you have ever seen two more attractive dentist (yes, they are both dentists) in your life?


I Do Click Wedding Photography said...

They are beautiful. What a great-looking couple and the images are stunning. Like your new camera?

Jenn said...

great photos - love the lighthouse in the background.

emilie inc. said...

Gorgeous couple indeed! Wow! My favorite is a b&w dipping kiss in front of Bug Light!