Friday, August 22, 2008

I Love My Job

Not one to toot my own horn, I wanted to share with you the two notes I received from Amanda's mother after the wedding. I find the notes I receive from clients often say better what I do and how I work than I ever could. There are times when this job is super stressful and beyond demanding, but when I hear such kind words and praise from my clients I know it's all been worth it!

Hi Amy,

Just had to write you a note and thank you for your professionalism and expertise on Amanda's wedding day. I haven't seen the pictures yet but just by observing your style I know they are going to be terrific. You were unobtrusive but aggressive when necessary. Your style seems laid back until a little force was necessary to get the job done. I liked that. No pushover.

I loved the way you worked with people and admired your ability to weave in and out and note details that we surely have missed along the way. You were so sweet when you were saying goodbye and being sensitive to not interrupting Amanda's activities at the time. We both loved you and can't wait to see the pictures so that we can full out blast your name from the rooftops!!!

Thanks again for everything. If you need us to tell anyone how fab you are let us know! (We've already told all our friends!)


And the following came after she saw the pictures:

Amy, Amy, Amy,

The pictures are incredible. The lighting is remarkable. So many of the shots show a sort of dappling sunlight effect that is so real and so exactly what it was actually like at that moment. I am thrilled with the pictures. It was such a wonderful day for us and now you have frozen those magic moments in time for us permanently. I knew the sunlight was spectacular that day but I had no idea you would be able to capture it so well. The setting was perfect and you have enabled us to relive the wonder again and again.

The pictures are so natural and evince the spontaneous joy that Amanda and Pete were experiencing. Amanda is so pleased and so am I. You are extremely talented and we are truly fortunate to have found you.

Thank you again.


Of course, I can't help but love the short and sweet email the bride sent:

Amy! Oh my god!!! They are amazing!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

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